The ultimate word on Tencel shirts

by Angela Lindsay on May 13, 2021

The ultimate word on Tencel shirts - David Smith Australia

The ultimate word on Tencel Shirts

We are often asked what Tencel? Or is Tencel a good fabric?   We all love and understand the fine luxurious cotton that David Smith uses to design and craft his beautiful printed cotton men's fashion shirts.  But when the word Tencel material is talked about or, mentioned in our David Smith Australia menswear store or in our men's shirt advertising campaigns, our customers often stare blankly or just frankly wonder what we talking about.


David Smith Australia  Aloha Blue shirt in Tencel.

Over the last couple of years, David has created a range of men’s summer fashion short sleeve Burleigh Fit  men's Tencel shirts (think Camp style, Aloha shirt style, or even James Bond in Thunderball shirt style in the Bahamas, - with the flat bottom edge short sleeve shirts), and, you get the gist.  Rather than these shirts being crafted in finely-woven cotton, our Burleigh Fit shirts are made from a super soft 100% Tencel material.     You may not have noticed, but on further investigation, you will see there is a wide range of Tencel or Tencel-blend clothing popping up in men's clothing and women’s clothing.  As quotes " it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics to dress yourself in" and, we are loving it.   

5 things to know about Tencel?

Totally sustainable
Environmentally friendly
Naturally soft and silky
Cool and comfortable
Easy wear


So what is Tencel

Created by an Austrian Textile giant Lenzing, Tencel is a brand version of Lyocell, an environmentally-friendly material harvested from the wood pulp, the wasted by-product of harvesting sustainably-source eucalyptus trees.  The wood pulp is stabilized, spun into a cotton-like yarn, and converted into fabric utilizing a high-tech machine.  The wood pulp is only harvested from sustainable forestry and plantations. Meaning that the process has minimal impact on the environment. Thus, not only is Tencel biodegradable, but it is sustainable and, eco-friendly too.  The Tencel fabric itself when woven, is composed of tiny fibers allowing the absorption of moisture, and, creating a material that is strong, breathable, naturally soft, silky, and quick drying.



 David Smith Australia Monkey Midnight Tencel Shirt - Cool, Comfortable and Sustainable

The Final Word on Tencel

So there you are.  We like to think of Tencel fabric as the ultimate fabric of coolness, eco-friendly sustainable style, and everything in between.  A fabric that is sure to increase in popularity as climate change brings more awareness in reducing our carbon footprint.  Ideal for Australian and, American summers, and stylish cool for European summers.   The go-to Tencel Burleigh Fit shirt is lightweight and breathable. Tencel™ shirts are easy to pack in your suitcase for holiday, weekends, or casual get-togethers. The David Smith Burleigh Fit Shirt (David Smith men’s tencel shirts) are just one of those shirts that are just easy to wear, (resistant to wrinkles); throw on, and off you go. Perfect to wear on your next cruise ship travel adventure.   P &O Cruise ships quote: "If you're in the Caribbean, tailored shorts may be worn in the buffet areas and open deck bars – whether you choose to pair them with your loudest Hawaiian shirt is up to you!"    Definitely worth wearting David Smith shirt, don't you think? Men’s Tencel clothing, a win for the environment and a win for you.


 David Smith Australia Tropic Hawaii Tencel Mens Short SleeveShirt - breathable, absorbent, easy wear style.  Pack one on your next cruise ship travel.

Tencel Shirt Care Guide

How to best care for your Tencel Shirt?

Can you machine wash Tencel?  Absolutely,  but always check care label first.  The David Smith Australia Care Label recommend's washing your Tencel Shirt on a cold cycle. Never leave your shirt in washing machine or lounging in laundry basket, but, as soon as cycle finishes, hang your Tencel shirt on coat hanger to air dry.  Never tumble dry.  A slight press with a hot steam iron is all you need to have your shirt looking spic and fresh.



David Smith Australia Tencel Aloha Shirt - summer casual style for weekends, barbecues and family get-togethers.



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