A Kombi, A Passion for Colour, A Love of Menswear


David and Taryn had an eye for design and colour.  One a tailor, the other a designer, they forged a partnership to create something new and different in menswear.  Prints were a past 60’s and 70’s fad, but men clearly needed something in their wardrobe that allowed them to stand out, and feel a sense of Summer in their step.  Their love of sunshine, colour and photography began the ‘David Smith Australia’ men's shirt range.

David and Taryn never followed trends.  They chose designs and colour combinations that were always happy, relaxed and felt like Summer.  It was the positivity behind the unique designs of the shirts that drove their collections. 

They honestly started with very little.  Generous family and friends, who believed in their creative ambitions, offered loans to initially support them and assist their growth.

In the beginning factories turned them away because of their very small orders, but they persisted to find the right ones that they could work with as a team.  They kept creating, doing their photography, and driving across the country in a borrowed old Kombi Van to tempt customers with their bright shirts.

As the David Smith Australia menswear brand developed, so did their men's clothing ranges.  This now includes men's designer shirts, shorts, pants, swim shorts, linen, and new items still to come.

David and Taryn made the progression overseas, and more recently opened their own flagship menswear store, David Smith Australia in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coastin Queensland, Australia.  Like the ranges, the men's clothing store is reflective of the beach that is just down the road, and it is bright, colorful, playful, happy, and bursting with pride. David Smith shirts, mens linen shirts, shorts, pants and swimwear.



David Smith, owner, designer


Their team of staff have been with them since the beginning.  They have contributed in so many ways to the growth of the company, and are an absolute asset.  The family unit is what continues to see the company flourish.

David and Taryn have a quiet private life.  It is mainly occupied with their family, three rescue dogs, horses, a real love of animals, old cars, good coffee and the outdoors.