At david smith australia we are proud to design men's clothing that is made, where possible, from unique and sustainable fabrics.  Over the years David has developed close, personal relationships with our menswear manufacturers to craft high quality goods.  We are committed to safer, cleaner, and more ethical menswear clothing production methods.  The result is quality men's clothing that is made to last, and a more positive impact on the environment because of less waste, and more use of sustainable resources.

We consider our manufacturers part of our working family. We ensure they are all paid fairly and treated well.

David personally inspects our factories every few months.  Our factories have annual inspections from other international companies as well, and receive these certificates: (ISO9001-2008/SA8000/EMS/GOTS/OKETEX)

Our men's cotton shirts are all made from the finest staple yarn available.  It is environmentally sustainable and is known for its strength, durability and softness.  David works with our manufacturers in Nepal and Turkey to source the highest quality cotton.  From here the process of printing begins using a variety of methods, depending on the type of print, its complexity, and the quantity being manufactured. 

Linen is a sustainable textile woven from the flax plant, and is completely biodegradable.  Our pure men's linen shirts are both cool in warm weather, and warm in cool weather. Our linen fabric is long-lasting and softens generously with age. Being completely natural, combined with our specialised washing and finishing techniques, ensures the perfect fit, feel and resilience. 

David proudly supports a community in Nepal through the manufacture of all our men's clothing: Shorts, pants, swim shorts and various shirt styles.  Our factory staff are trained to international manufacturing standards, and they have learned new skills to produce our menswear garments.  The Nepalese people are kind, patient, and determined to develop their skills, and in turn better their community.  Where possible, sustainable cotton, organic dyes and natural processes are utilised. 

When you buy a pair of shorts or pants they include a label "Proudly made in Nepal".  The community wanted people to know they are not only proud of the work they do, but appreciate the support they receive when you purchase david smith australia mens clothing.