5 Essential Steps for Caring For Your Shirts

Keeping your shirts looking great doesn't have to be complicated.  

With a few simple steps, you can extend the life of your wardrobe staples and help them look their best. Here are five easy tips that will help you prevent shrinkage, keep fabric vibrant and fresh, and maintain the true quality of your shirt fabrics after all, your garment deserves to be cherished and much loved like an old vintage car. 


Select the Appropriate Washing Temperature.

Select the appropriate washing temperature for your shirt fabric. Always wash your shirts, shorts and pants in cold wash. Machine wash is excellent as long as you cold wash. The same goes for hand wash; wash your garments in cold water. Avoid avoid hot water, as this can cause the fabric to shrink. Additionally, use a mild detergent and avoid harsh chemicals or bleaches that can destroy the colour and quality of your shirt and garment fabrics. Follow any care instructions that may be specified by the manufacturers to ensure optimal results.

Read Care Labels Before Washing.

Before throwing any shirt into the washing machine, make sure to read the care labels. Care labels are there to guide you on how best to clean and care for your shirts in order to keep them looking their best. Depending on the fabric type, special instructions may be provided, such as a suggested water temperature and cycle length. Following these instructions properly is key to making sure that your shirt stays in perfect condition with every wash.

We suggest that you also turn your David Smith shirts and garments including shorts and swim shorts inside out and wash separately to keep your clothes looking their best.

Separate:  Most importantly to keep whites, whitey white and wash solely with white, wash colours with colours.Who wants that once was crisp clean white linen shirt, now off white and gray hanging in your wardrobe?   Never wash your cotton men’s paisley shirt or patterned shirt with your pure linen shirt. Garment dyed shorts and pants (Kirra Shorts and Bondi Shorts) are designed to fade a little to become your vintage favourites to wear.  Dye may come out of these beauties over time, please wash your shorts and pants separately especially for the first couple of washes.

Add Shirts Before Adding Detergent.

Adding your shirt or garment to the washing machine before detergent is an important step for proper laundering. This prevents detergent from directly staining or discoloring fabrics, and helps ensure that there is an even distribution of detergent throughout the load. Plus, adding shirts first allows you to spot any damages that may not be visible when the garment hangs in the closet. Be sure to check for any tears, fading, or rips, and repair them if necessary. 

A no no is to never leave your wet clothing in your washing machine or laundry basket. Do not go out and leave home half way through the washing cycle, not only may colours run slightly and run onto other garments, you may risk a flood in the laundry.

As soon as your washing cycle finishes remove clothing from washing machine and give your shirts and garments a little shake to uncrumple.


Hang or Lay Flat to Dry.

No matter the type of fabric, after washing and rinsing, it is important to take the extra step in caring for your shirts and hang or lay them flat to dry. This prevents stretching out collars, shrinking fabrics, and discoloration.

If hanging, secure the waist of the shirt underneath a hanger if needed to prevent any extra stress being applied to the fabric. Make sure that the shirt isn’t too close to any additional heat sources either. For best results hang shirts on coat hangers and air dry.  How easy is that?  Drape shorts and pants on a clotheshorse and remember to dry in the shade.

Use a Steamer or Iron to Remove Wrinkles.

Using a steamer or warm iron will effectively remove wrinkles and keep shirts looking neat and presentable. For best results, set the temperature setting according to the fabric type. At David Smith we suggest using a warm steam iron and iron as required.  An option too when  using an iron, make sure to use a pressing cloth between your garment and the iron surface to prevent scorching.

Finally, whenever possible, hang or lay your shirt on a flat surfaces after steaming /ironing process is complete so that it will not wrinkle again once dry. Hang your shirt in wardrobe ready to wear.  Remember Swim shorts, boxer shorts and socks do not need ironing: Life is too short to worry about ironing, no need. We know your time is precious, go on, get out there are have some fun wearing your new David Smith clothing.

Download our quick David Smith menswear care guide here for quick easy steps on how to wash and care for your clothes.:  

We hope at David Smith Australia by following our David Smith care guide and with a little care you will continue to create memories whilst wearing your new David Smith shirt or garment for many years to come.