What to Wear on a Men's Weekend Getaway: A Packing Checklist

by Angela Lindsay on Feb 22, 2023

What to Wear on a Men's Weekend Getaway: A Packing Checklist


What to Wear on a Men's Weekend Getaway: A Packing Checklist

When packing for a weekend getaway, men should keep practicality and comfort at the top of the list. Here are five essential items that men should include in their suitcase to ensure they look and feel their best on their trip.   

The important key when packing for a getaway is to have a plan when so not  to pack half your wardrobe when you will only need a few items.   We love the idea selecting a colour of pants or shorts and work your getaway outfits around this colour.  Co-ordinating is key.  Makes sense doesn't it?  


 A small suitcase is all you need for a weekend getaway.
Always pack a hat or cap.


Versatile Shoes.

Shoes are always the most important part of any outfit, so when packing for a weekend getaway, men should include one pair of versatile shoes that can be dressed up or down. Choose a pair of shoes that offer comfort and support as well as style and look great with multiple different outfits. Whether you choose dressy loafers, leather boots, or canvas sneakers, make sure they’re comfortable enough to wear all day.  We love a pair of Sollu Loafer Shoes for comfort and style.  Easy to slip on and easy to wear.   If you are going to a tropical or relaxed location why not try a pair of boat shoes or deck shoes, superbly stylish and comfortable with a rubber sole. We also suggest throwing in a pair of thongs or flipflops for inside or beach side wear.

Pants or Shorts That Fit Perfectly.

Don’t forget to pack a pair (or two) of pants or shorts that fit well and flatter your body type. Weekend getaways are all about comfort, so choose fabric that feels great against your skin and a litle stretch which allows for maximum mobility. Pants and shorts can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them a great wardrobe staple for any weekend away. Pants look great in neutral colours (think Navy, Natural or Black) that will go with everything.  With shorts you can be a little more adventureous and flexible in colour.  Note you can wear long sleeve shirts with shorts too.  Roll up the sleeves for a casual on-trend look.  If you do love to take a pair of Jeans look for a darker wash for dressier events and lighter washes for off-duty activities.   And, hey don’t forget to pack a pair of swim shorts, you never know when the occasion may call and you feel like a swim.

A Variety of Shirts.

When it comes to choosing shirts for your weekend getaway, bring a variety of styles that fit and flatter your body type. A long sleeve shirt is good for nights,  A linen shirt is always perfect for any getaway or holiday and we say it is a must shirt to have.  It doesn't need to be perfectly pressed, remember, linen is designed to crumple a little making it perfect and stylish for traveling. If you love colour and design a paisley shirt makes a great travelling companion. It is a classic shirt that can be worn again and again. Add a short sleeve print shirt or two, preferably with a chest pocket (for those keycards, sunglasses etc).   You can throw a short sleeve shirt  over a tee shirt if you please for a casual breezy style.  Shirts made from Tencel™ fibers can be ideal to take away.  Breathable, cool and sustainable.  Pack a few short or long sleeve T-shirts in natural fibres with fun prints to wear during the day. Lastly, don’t forget to pack at least one light sweater in case of chilly weather on the trip.


Pick a colour and plan your getaway wardrobe around it.  Less stress and makes packing your suitcase easier.  Add a few extra tees, a jacket, swim shorts and you are set.


Be adventurous as you like.  Add one pair of Cobalt Blue Memphis Pants.  Team with a White Linen Shirt,

a short sleeve shirt  (Beachside Shirt) and a pair of Christophe Auguin Boat Shoes in Rouge.

A Stylish Jacket or Coat.

A stylish outerwear piece is essential for any weekend getaway. To stay warm on cold nights and cooler days, pack a leather jacket or bomber for a cool and casual feel. If you’re going to somewhere hotter, bring along a lightweight cotton safari jacket or layer with a linen shirt that will look great while keeping you comfortable in the sun. 

Functional Accessories.

Don't forget to bring some functional accessories to complete that perfect weekend outfit. A pair of slim sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and add a touch of style. Also, make sure you pack a pair of sturdy boots, like chukka or combat styles, for walking around on uneven terrain. Add Sunblock, a phone charger and if you plan to take lots of pictures and like to use a camera, don't forget to bring along a  camera bag and strap so you can snap away without any worries.  

Pack your weekender bag, don't forget to include underwear and toiletries, then  go, relax and make getaway memories. Need some inspiration?  Check out Trip Advisor's travel trip planner and plan your getaway. Remember some of your best ideas come from when you are on vacation.



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